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Marketing Strategy

We harness data, insights, trends & experience to propose strategic programming that engages

consumers & drives ROI. 

Additionally, consumer brands entrust us to be

their eyes & ears in the entertainment industry.

Strategic Partnerships

We create, manage, and execute

partnerships + promotions with tentpole

properties, influential personalities, and

digital technologies that build awareness,

consideration, and sales.

Product Placement

Our longstanding relationships open up opportunities for free exposure and storyline integration. We review all legitimate film, TV + digital projects to find the right content to promote products and services.

Influencer Marketing

& Celebrity Procurement

We source the right personalities to represent your brand. From social media influencers to celebrities,

we create programs that drive interest, 

conversation, and conversion.

Content Creation

& Distribution

Cut through the clutter by working with a diverse network of storytellers (from influencers to filmmakers) to produce compelling and engaging content. 

We then pair it with the right platforms to

reach the desired audience.

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